AeroMed Infinity Upper Air UV
UVGI upper air UV irradiation germicidal UV
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AeroMed Infinity Upper Air UV

The new, patent pending, Infinity series represents an innovation in upper air UV.  Utilizing multiple parabolic reflectors, the Infinity series UV output dramatically exceeds that of competing products.

The effectiveness of UV in upper air applications is dependant upon exposing pathogens to a high dosage of UV over a long period of time.  In order to do this the upper air fixture must emit a high level of UV irradiation and emit it throughout as much of the room as is possible.

The Infinity series has a wide angle of irradiation and a high output of UV while shielding individuals in the occupied zone.

US Patent

Awarded December 30, 2014

Patent # US8,921,813 B2


India Patent

Application Number 4237/CHE/2013, filed September 20, 2013

Agent is DePenning & DePenning


China Patent

Application #438P3075A

Filed September 2013

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