Monitors and Controllers

ISO-Guard Room Pressure Monitors

Room pressure monitors are an important part of any infection control engineering program. The AeroMed pressure monitors are able to monitor both negative and positive room pressure diiferentials. These monitors have digital displays showing the real time pressures as well as programable audible and visual alarms to alert staff of an room failures. These monitors are able to interact with building automation systems to record the data being displayed and may also be used to control the exhaust air volume based a pressure setpoint. Availble with either through the wall and remote sensing options, these monitors are the optimum in room pressure monitor and control

negative pressure isolation room positive pressure monitor
Room Pressure Monitor - Lite
ISO-Guard Lite
When you need to have room pressure monitoring but don't need the added expense of a unit that integrates with a building automation system, the ISO-Guard Lite is an excellent, low cost option that provides a local display of room pressure as well as a local audible alarm.

Remote Control Panel

Remote Control Panel

Air purifiers in negative pressure isolation rooms are often installed in areas that are difficult to access for monitoring or controlling.  The AeroMed RCP allows you to monitor filter condition and service time while also controlling the fan speed of the air purifier.  The unit is provided with one or two filter gauges, an hour meter, a power indicator light and a rheostat for controlling fan speed.  The rhostat is protected by a locked, lexan cover plate which prevents unauthorized manipulation of fan speed.  The unit is designed to be flush mounted on the wall near a patient isolation room.