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SafeMail Containment Hoods & Room
SafeMail Containment Hood

SafeMail™ SM-300

Designed for incoming mail, this five-foot wide hood is designed for applications where a significant volume of mail is being processed.  The SM300 hood comes on a portable stand for ease of placement and service.

The hood provides a controlled environment in which to open envelopes and packages.  The SM300 utilizes HEPA filtration and high velocity air intake to help prevent airborne contaminants from leaving the hood.  This adds protection for the person opening the mail as well as those in the surrounding area.

The SM300 is designed to incorporate a medium size desktop opener.  An access door in the front of the stand reveals a compartment that accommodates standard size mail bins and trays.  These containers are accessible from inside the hood, facilitating efficient handling of the mail.  A slot in the base of the hood provides access to a trash bin for unwanted envelopes and packing materials.

SafeMail™ SM-150 & SM100

The SafeMailä SM-150 & SM-100 containment hoods are desktop enclosures in which you may open mail.  Air is pulled into the hoods through the opening in front of the unit.  The air is then drawn through a HEPA filter in order remove airborne contaminants.  This helps reduce the risk of spread of pathogens that may be contained in the mail.  An optional light bar in the base of the hood allows users to see through many envelopes before opening them to help determine if any foreign substances are present

These 30" and 26" wide units are designed for use in low mail volume applications or as a holding device for suspicious mail.  When the units are not being used to open mail they may also serve as a supplemental air purifier.  The SM-150 is constructed of powder coat painted galvanized steel while the SM-100 is constructed from stainless

SafeMail 150
SafeMail 100

SafeMail™ SM-100

SafeMail™ SM-100 is also available with handles and a portable battery pack.  This allows HAZMAT and other first responders to provide a portable HEPA containment hood for on sight applications.  The battery pack can provide continuous operation the SafeMail hood for up to three hours!

SafeMail™ CMC

The SafeMailä CMC (Contained Mail Center) is a negative pressure containment room in which you may open mail.  Concerns for mail center safety, relative to bio-terrorism, center on the possible presence of pathogens, such as anthrax or smallpox.  These infectious pathogens can become airborne, infecting employees and contaminating facilities.    Maintaining negative pressure in an incoming mail processing room will help to contain airborne pathogens that may be present in the room.  Negative pressure rooms help prevent contamination of other areas within the facility and are used extensively in medical facilities and laboratories to protect patients, visitors and employees from airborne pathogens.  CDC guidelines for controlling the spread of airborne pathogens recommend negative pressure as an engineering control.

SafeMail CMC