Innovations in Environmental Infection Control - Air Purifiers, Upper Air UV, Room Pressure Monitors
AeroMed 800C Ceiling Mount Air Purifier
AeroMed 700D Ducted Air Purifier
AeroMed AM625W Wall Mounted Air Purifier


AeroMed offers air purifiers, sputum booths, upper air UV fixtures, room pressure monitors and air filters to healthcare facilities to help protect staff, patients and visitors from potentially contaminated air.

AeroMed AM700P Portable Air Purifier
negative room pressure monitor positive pressure
AeroMed ISO-Guard Room Pressure Monitor
safe mail room anthrax protection negative pressure containment
SafeMail contianment hoods and rooms
upper air germicidal ultra violet light fixture
AeroMed Infinity Upper Air UV
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AeroMed General Product Bulletin
NAFA Position Paper on Bioterrorism